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Introduce your services. Include a simple, concise description of each service, keeping in mind who it is for. Present an organized timeline of a typical project and what it entails. 


Full Service

Our background, training, and passion lies in full service design and coordination. This allows us to fully manipulate the overall design and ensure the unified vision comes to life. In order for this to be successful, our Full Service Package is designed to include expert services from conception to construction.


  • Concept Design & Material Selections

  • Modeling & High Quality Visualization

  • Design Development & Fixture Selections

  • Construction Documentation

  • Construction Administration

  • Furniture Selection & Procurement

Design Consultation

As experts in the industry, our team is trained to provide the most professional, innovative, and specialized design & construction advice, no matter the situation or inquired design space. Give us a call and ask away! 


  • Expert Advice & Design Suggestions

  • Concept Design (Upon Request)

  • Construction Administration (Upon Request)

  • Construction Documentation (upon request)

  • Modeling & High Quality Visualization (Quantity tbd based on scope of work)

  • Furniture, Fixture, & Accessory Selection & Procurement (Upon Request)


FF&A Package + Procurement

The final layer of every design is tied together with handsomely fitted and well-designed furniture. If you have a beautifully designed space with no furniture to fill, no fret! Our team provides selection and procurement services to seamlessly integrate the finishing touches to your space, saving you time and money. 


  • Fixture Selections

  • Accessory Selections

  • Product Staging (Upon Request)

  • Furniture Selections

  • Procurement Services & Coordination

  • Decorative Staging (Upon Request)

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