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Interior Architecture
at its finest.

Very Handsome Studio believes each design should tell a unique story. The joy of design comes from using creative expression to build a beautiful narrative without sacrificing the delicate details.  We are determined to enrich every space we touch and create an "umami" experience with each design.

Services We Offer 
Space Planning.png

Space Planning

sourching furniture lighting access.png

Sourcing & Coordinating Furniture, Lighting and Accessories

lighting plans.png

Lighting Plans

virtual reality and 3d visualization.png

3D Visualizations

construction documentation.png

Construction Documentation

Consultant Coordination.png



sourcing materials finishes and fixtures.png

Sourcing & Coordinating Materials, Fixtures and Finishes

full design package.png

Full Package

Design Services

MOOD for MUD.jpg
Private Bedroom Layout A_1 (Foldable).png
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