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High-end Sushi Restaurant


Houston, Texas


Exterior Identity



mood 3.PNG

Concept Mood Board

This High-end Sushi Restaurant Space got a major facelift on the exterior. Converting typical office store-fronts to an eye-catching Asian-themed entrance faced the major issue of being overly stereotypical and redundant. We approached the issues with repetition and simplicity; in design, in material, and in lighting. The major focal point stems from the existing overgrown tree located directly in front of the restaurant. We chose to costume it with cherry blossom lights to carry the interior "lit sakura" look onto the exterior, making  the space much more unique and culturally appropriate. We chose to continue light wood as the main repetitive feature to ensure a uniformed and minimal look. Lastly, glowing lanterns and bamboo planters help to tie the entire look together. 

mood 2.PNG

Concept Mood Board

Design and rendered by VHS.


In collaboration with Construction Concepts​

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